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Laser Refractive Surgery

The view is one of the most important senses. However, its decline is something that affects all of us sooner or later. When that time comes, the best reward is knowing that you are right with the professionals who care for your eyes.

Refractive Conditions : They have solution

Refractive problems are one of the most common ocular conditions that might appear. It occurs when the eye has not the capability to provide good images due to an optical malfunction. So that, it is important to know how it can be corrected and what to do in each case.

Myopia: Myopic eye is capable to see nearby objects clearly but it has difficulties for long distance images.

Hyperopia: Hyperopic eye has blurred perception of nearby objects.

Astigmatism: An astigmatic person perceives a deformed vision of the things, both in the distance and nearby. Astigmatism frequently occurs with other vision conditions like myopia and hyperopia.

Until recent years, Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism were corrected using glasses or contact lenses. However, thanks to the progress in different refractive surgery techniques which are currently available in Vissum, we treat any ocular patology in an effective and safe way.

Refractive Solutions : We have the most suitable for you

Refractive problems manifest themselves differently and require individualized treatment. If each case is treated adequately, success is guaranteed and the patient´s recovery is immediate.

Vissum Corporación Oftalmológica, deals with individual refractive surgery solutions with the highest reliability. Our Medical Staff study each patient’s eye minutely, getting a multifactor diagnosis and an appropriate medical treatment.

Lasik : Eye surgery in which the surface of the cornea is reshaped using EXCIMER LASER in order to correct refractive disorders.

IntraLasik : We are leaders in Spain in incorporating the use of IntraLASIK technology which allows to increase security due to a 100% laser operation and minimize complications.

Intraocular Lenses : The implantation of intraocular lenses is the solution in those cases in which Laser Excimer can not operate on the cornea.

Keratoconus Unit: We are specialised in the correction of keratoconus and other pathological deformations of the cornea, as well as the application of the techniques that are performed on the corneal surface to reinforce the structure of these anomalous corneas. Thanks to these techniques it is possible to avoid or delay a cornea transplant.


Safety and effectivity in surgical operations

More than 80.000 people have been operated with refractive surgery at VISSUM Corporación Oftalmológica. For this purpose, our best medical staff use the lastest surgical technology in a safe and effective way.

All refractive surgery techniques are performed depending on each patient´s necessity. Hospitalization is not required, local anesthesia is used and visual function is recovered very fast.

However, any visual surgical intervention to correct refractive errors is preceded by three general requirements :

Be over 18 years old

Stable refractive condition

Good visual health

With this type of surgery, the patient enjoys the freedom and convenience provided by the permanent removing of glasses or contact lenses. An accurate and reliable solution, made by experts who take care of your eyes with complete safety.

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