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It is time to take care of you

It is the moment to have time for enjoying and taking care of yourself. Over the years, visual  check up is a necessity. It is a time that new visual conditions might appear and develop without notice.

These are some of the ocular pathologies that might appear over the 50 years of age. An early diagnosis can provide a safe and effective solution to each one :  

Macular Degeneration : It causes a loss of central vision, especially detailed vision which is everything we look at and  focus on.

Glaucoma: Severe disease usually caused to an increase of the ocular tension.

Diabetic Retinopathy: A condition of the retina caused by diabetes.

Cataracts: It is the loss of transparency of the clear lens ( crystalline ), whose function is to shift the focus on near and far objects.

Presbyopia: It is commonly known as tired sight and occurs after age 40, when the lens of the eye becomes more rigid and does not focus and flex as easily. The result is that it is more difficult to read at close range ( 35 cms and 1m ).

A disease with symptoms

A cataract is a clouding of the eye´s lens. The mision of the clear lens ( crystalline ) is to focus images in the retina. The vast majority of cataracts are due to age but they can be related to ocular inflammation, traumatisms or metabolic changes.

Most people do not even realize they have a cataract, as cataracts grow very slowly but after years, vision will likely be affected. When the cataract compromises the patient´s quality of life, the patient and ophthalmologist will discuss the appropriate time to remove it.

These are some of the main symptoms that occur. A visual medical examination is necessary if you experience from any of them :

Frequent changes in glasses prescription.

Blurred vision sensation that increases with time.

Glare in environments with intense lighting.

Attenuation in brightness and coloring of objects.

Sudden capacity to read without glasses when before they were necessary.

Cataracts have safe solutions

More than 40.000 people had cataract surgery at VISSUM Corporación Oftalmológica.

Always in a safe and effective way, with the best medical specialists and the latest surgical technology.

Minimally Invasive Cataract Surgery ( MICS ) The MICS concept was developed by VISSUM Medical Staff. Through this procedure the cataract is removed practicing an incision not bigger than 1.5 mm thickness so the patient recovers the vision immediately after surgery.  Mini-incision surgery involves a safer operation thanks to smaller incisions that produce less damage to the eye affected by cataract and reduce the risks and complications that might arise.In addition, MICS has caused the appearance of a new intraocular lenses generation which can be introduced in the eye through 1.5mm incisions

Multifocal and Accommodative Lenses: The inclusion of these lenses for mini-incision surgery marks a great step forward. A solution that offers advantages including the possibility of intervention patients with all types of refractive errors, either to correct far or nearby vision.

Surgery is the only treatment.

Cataract surgery is a safe intervention with excellent results, in which the patient did not require hospitalization and the effects are immediately noticed.

The operation takes about 20 minutes and it is performed with topical ( drops ) or local anesthesia. The surgery involves a small incision in the cornea through which the cataract is removed and replaced by an intraocular lens that also corrects any posible refractive error such as myopia or hyperopia.

An accurate and reliable intervention, conducted by medical experts who will take care of your eyes safely. 

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